My grandmother´s hat

I was only half a year old, when my grandmother died. I know her only through the stories my mother told me. And I own her black, conical shaped hat.

My grandmother spent all her life in a small peasant village in Austria, but she always dreamed of doing long journeys to far-off places like America or Venice.

One day, when I was in this city of dreams, suddenly her hat appeared – swung on the waves in front of Piazza San Marco and disappeared. Later I saw the hat on a Gondola traversing the Canale Grande, near the fish market. And in the afternoon the hat fell down from the sky, a few steps from Ponte Rialto.

Since this Venice trip the hat seems to follow me. It appeared at numerous places and wherever I see it, I take pictures.

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My father´s workshop

My father died at the age of 88, in 2002. With the exception of the Second World War he spent all his time in a remote village in Austria, near the Swiss border. He ran a small workshop as a plumber and was very good as a craftsman, but very bad as a businessman.

He was a shy person, interested in poetry and photography and somehow he didn´t really fit into the harsh and down to earth life of a farming village. When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a car mechanic, but his father wouldn´t allow it. So he became a plumber like his father. The same career decision was foreseen for me. But I took another direction.

During childhood I often was ordered to give my father a helping hand in his workshop. So I know all the tools and work pieces very well. My father´s workshop still exists, almost unchanged. Some time ago I wanted to document it, because there are plans to sell the house with all the stuff inside, and all things will vanish. The pictures in this series are a mixture of my fathers´ photographs and mine.

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My mother´s world

She is 90 and lives alone in her own large house with 14 rooms. She is still taking care of herself, cooking, doing her laundry and organizing additional help. Although she is wearing strong glasses, her vision is blurred and almost entirely without color. For reading she needs a strong magnifying glass.

Because she is a great storyteller and knows a great many stories about life in the village, many people are visiting her, especially younger ones.

When there is nice weather, she loves to sit on her balcony, watching and listening the traffic on the street. Passing pedestrians wave and greet her: “Hello Paulina!” Then she asks: “Who are you? You know, I cannot see very well, I cannot recognize you?” Then people tell their names and she get´s all the news and rumors – of the village and of the world.

To find out how her world looks like – blurred and almost without color -, I used my camera.

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New York Graffiti

Graffiti are probably the oldest form of art – dating back almost 4000 years to Old Egypt -, and nowadays they are one of the most visible expressions of contemporary youth culture. You can find them all over the world, even in the remotest places.

They are everywhere, on walls, cars, windows, rooftops, inside restrooms, on toilets, sinks, doors, subways, ads, tiles, plants, bodies, bridges, traffic signs, benches.

One of the hotspots of the NY Graffiti culture is in Bushwick/ Brooklyn. In 2014 and 2015 I regularly went there to take pictures of the ever-changing scene. Nothing lasts for long. What is in today is gone tomorrow. There are always newcomers, who spray over yesterdays old stuff.

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New York Winter

Snowfall in New York is a great experience, especially when you use a public bus. Because of the wet windows, caused by snow and condensation water, you get a very different picture of the city. Everything gets blurred and distorted and looks funny or weird or terrifying – depending on the mood you are in.

Colors like the blue light of police cars or the red ones of ambulances can spread all over the window, changing the perception of streets, buildings and people. It looks like being in a dream or phantasy or movie.

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