My father´s workshop

My father died at the age of 88, in 2002. With the exception of the Second World War he spent all his time in a remote village in Austria, near the Swiss border. He ran a small workshop as a plumber and was very good as a craftsman, but very bad as a businessman.

He was a shy person, interested in poetry and photography and somehow he didn´t really fit into the harsh and down to earth life of a farming village. When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a car mechanic, but his father wouldn´t allow it. So he became a plumber like his father. The same career decision was foreseen for me. But I took another direction.

During childhood I often was ordered to give my father a helping hand in his workshop. So I know all the tools and work pieces very well. My father´s workshop still exists, almost unchanged. Some time ago I wanted to document it, because there are plans to sell the house with all the stuff inside, and all things will vanish. The pictures in this series are a mixture of my fathers´ photographs and mine.

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