The first time I moved to New York, in the 1990s, the skyscrapers fascinated me. As symbols of power and money they force you to look upwards and to feel small. But at rainy days they fall down into street puddles. I took a few pictures of these reflections, in black and white.

When I moved to New York a second time, in 2014, I again started taking puddle pictures, this time in color – which adds an apocalyptic dimension.

If you take a close look at the pictures, they are like windows into another world, with eerie colors, shapes and distortions, caused by debris, mud, leaves, undercoating, dirt and wind. Even the reflected persons seem to stem from some other place and some other age. In these pictures New York is set on fire, with buildings and trees in flames, distorted, falling apart or being flooded. Memories of hurricane Sandy or 9/11 come to mind, when I walked downtown Manhattan, with my three year old son in the buggy. This experience was an important inspiration for the pictures.

In the future all types of disasters are possible: a renewed cold war with atomic threats, terror attacks or various environmental debacles.

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